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Having served Hampstead as the local hard landscaping, paving, garden landscaping and fencing contractor for over 20 years, Lifestyle Gardens Design & Build has seen a vast array of gardens – some beautifully designed, others that couldn’t be more of the polar opposite! Sometimes clients are bored with their existing scheme, or find it impractical, and want to update/reimagine it. Other times, they’ve just moved into a property or got round to giving a major facelift to a long neglected, antiquated garden that is single-handedly pulling down the value and usability of the home. Whatever the situation, there are a number of pitfalls that one can stumble into…


On this page, to help Hampstead homeowners avoid some common garden landscaping / hard landscaping blunders, we’ve provided some design dos and don’ts. If you want our professional assistance with anything from the initial design, to the installation of paving, artificial lawns and similar features, and any ongoing maintenance you might require – don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 3478 8444.


Garden Landscaping Dos and Don’ts


Do Mix Up Your Flowers


While we are often called in purely for the hard landscaping and paving side of a design and build project, or in our capacity as a fencing contractor, that doesn’t mean we don’t place a big emphasis on where flowers/generally greenery will be located in the finished garden. After all, it informs the style and colour of products used for garden landscaping, as well as their positioning.


We recommend Hampstead homeowners mix up their planting and choose those which complement each other, both in terms of colouration, scent and when they’ll bloom. Spring flowers like daffodils are wonderful and will bloom early, but keep in mind that petunias or daisies will take a little longer. Be sure to consider all these different elements.


Don’t Combine Styles


For planting schemes, variation and creativity is great – but be careful mixing too many hard landscaping / paving styles, as it can quickly get messy and seem poorly thought-out and inconsistent. A Hampstead garden that is half-traditional and leafy, and half-minimal and modern is very unlikely to be successful (by professional standards).


Consider what you want to be the “centrepieces” of your garden landscaping scheme and allow other, more minor elements to meld with it. The wisdom goes as such: if every element of a garden is a centrepiece, then none of them are! Balance major features like water features, expansive artificial lawns and perhaps a decked area, with more minor features like fences, flower beds, trellises etc.


Do Make a Solid Plan


With garden landscaping it can be tempting to jump in at the deep end and just get going. But don’t get too excited and rush into work which hasn’t been properly planned out. One of the major things that a hard landscaping and fencing contractor does, for example, is take time to consider how all the elements they’re installing will fit in together. This avoids violating the principles prior to this one, and many that follow on. We help Hampstead clients in this department, taking on all their ideas and wishes, ensuring that they’ll work as intended and won’t for some reason clash.


Don’t Plant Before Finishing Hard Landscaping


Any garden landscaping project should be accomplished in distinct phases outlined through the aforementioned planning process. Hard landscaping and paving should take priority, as they give you the basic canvas on which you’ll paint with decorative features and planting etc. So buy plants after all these initial stages (and work conducted by a fencing contractor) is completed. Otherwise you might buy plants that are too big or small for the planting areas you have, or that just don’t quite work for some other reason.


Do Consider Pets


Many plans are poisonous to pets and water features can also be a hazard. So it’s very important that Hampstead pet owners give thought to their companions’ needs, and implement any safety measures that might be required. Cats and dogs love little more than playing outside so ensuring that they aren’t going to be left wanting for space to run around or relax in is also a must. Consider integrating artificial lawns with your wider garden landscaping and hard landscaping plans. They’re pet friendly and won’t get dug up and ruined by intrepid hounds!


But that’s just five dos and don’ts – believe us, we could go on but don’t want to get too out of hand with the length of this article. For more tips or assistance with anything from artificial lawns to paving, hard landscaping to the garden landscaping work a fencing contractor takes on – just give us a call. We’re located close by Hampstead in West Molesey.


For high quality, affordable priced garden landscaping and hard landscaping services in the Hampstead area, pick up the phone and call 020 3478 8444.

Garden Landscaping in Hampstead 3 Garden Landscaping in Hampstead 4 Garden Landscaping in Hampstead 5
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